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Expressing your emotions, such as happiness, sadness, surprise or anger is a natural part of everyday life. It is possible to reduce the effects of ag..

Excessive sweating, especially during the warmer weather, can cause day to day hassles or make you feel anxious. You may worry about odor and hygiene,..

Due to genetic traits, as well as changes in our skin caused by the effects of ageing, we can experience tissue loss beneath the skin and significant ..

Over time, the traces left behind by our life experiences make us proud. Another way to experience such happiness is by using small touches to turn ba..

Some of us have thin lips and imagine ourselves with fuller ones. As some of us mature, we notice that our lips begin to get thinner and vertical lip ..

If the lines that extend downward from our lip corners are deep, they are called marionette lines. If these lines are deeper than usual, they create ..

The chin is one of the key components of a strong face structure. The protruding nature of the chin exists only in humans and makes a positive contrib..

The height and volume of the cheekbones is key for a beautiful face. Supporting cheekbones that are low or inadequate in volume through the use of fil..

With a simple definition, mesotherapy is the injection of some specific substances into the skin in the aim of improving skin quality. In fact, PRP wh..



first class hospitals



FDA approved medical supplies



affordable and quality health services



direct touch with Dr. Aksoy & his team



transfers & accomodation inclusive



all operations taking place at the centrum


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