Haircut Will Take More Time Now...

Do you sometimes find yourselves unhappy with your genetics like every 1 of 3 men on earth does? Hair loss is a pretty common problem for male population. Thanks to medical advances, now it is possible to go back to the good days.

Male hair loss is caused by the sensitivity of hair follicles to male hormones. It is mostly down to genetics. Those who suffer from male hair loss often have male relatives who have experienced the same problems.

Male type hair loss is experienced differently from person to person. Some men become bald after an intense period of hair loss in their 20s, for some men this happens after the age of 30. Sometimes one may experience thinning hair instead of balding. However, male pattern hair loss, in general, is considerably reduced around 35 to 37 years.

Fortunately, regardless of the age and intensity or speed of hair loss, a considerable amount of hair exists at the back of the head and neck. This fact provides you the opportunity of having healthy hair once more in your life through Hair Transplantation Procedure. 

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