Celebrate Your Wisdom With a Refreshed Look...

Today we have many options to minimize the effects of age. One of the most striking options is the facelift.

The facelift, by simplest definition is taking back time. A facelift is the reversal of age-related signs on the face through surgery. Ageing happens to everyone, however the speed and severity of the ageing is connected to the genetic structure of our skin, how well we protect our skin against factors that cause ageing, and how often we use anti-aging procedures to slow down the process.

  • Genetic Structure
  • Protection from the sun
  • Ensuring that the skin is adequately moistened (both daily water consumption is sufficient and regular external moisturization)
  • Regular deep cleansing of the skin (periodic peeling)
  • Healthy eating delay the ageing process
   while on the contrary,
  • Unprotected and prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Not getting proper nutrition
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Smoking
  • Not moisturizing the skin (not consuming enough water or moisturizing it from outside)
  • Not regularly deep cleansing the skin results in the development of the signs of ageing faster than expected.

As a result, when the signs of ageing cause the patient dissatisfaction and simpler surgical and non-surgical methods do not provide adequate results, facelift procedures become an option to consider.

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