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The most important aesthetic element of the face is the nose, as it is the most anterior projecting facial feature, it is the first area attracting attention when we gaze on someone's face.

When we meet someone we know or do not know, our gaze first focuses on the center of the face and from there to the other elements of the face.

The nose plays a dominant role in the first impression have in our encounters with others. Even small abnormalities can lead to major disharmonies in the field of facial aesthetics.

Cosmetic nose surgery for men is a delicate matter that should be addressed by professional and experienced surgeons. A highly lifted or rounded nose is more easily tolerated on a woman's face, whereas for men the result is usually a childish expression that is usually not desired.

Sometimes the source of our dissatisfaction is not our nose, it is the jawline, or cheekbones that don't support our nose, which is actually quite attractive. In order to receive the best advice, and certainly before you decide on surgery, you should seek out the expert opinion of a reliable plastic surgeon in order to make the best informed decision based on your needs.

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